What to compost

Almost all yard waste can be added to your compost. 

leaves grass clippings twigs
branches weeds vines
thatch garden plants flowers
unused potting soil and mix straw  

Much of your food waste can be composted. 

egg shells coffee grounds tea leaves and bags
vegetable and fruit scraps and peels corn cobs stale bread and cereal
nut shells flour rice

Other items that you can compost include:

human hair feathers small amounts of wood ash
wood chips dead insects vacuum bag contents

What shouldn't I compost?

Some items either do not degrade well, attract insects and pests, or might contain diseases or chemicals that would contaminate the compost. 

meat poultry seafood
dairy products diseased plants human and pet feces (including kitty litter)
mayonnaise salad dressing peanut butter
lard other fatty items  

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