Recycle Hazardous Waste

You are probably throwing away hazardous waste and you don't even realize it. Let's get the facts and keep the really nasty stuff from contaminating our soil and water. Make sure your hazardous waste does not end up in a landfill.

E-Waste: Computer and electronic equipment





More Information on Recycling Beyond the Basics

What to Recycle Next
Now that you are more comfortable with the recycling basics, we can start doing even more to help the environment. Learn what to recycle next.

Buying Recycled Products
Buying recycled products helps close the recycling loop and create a bigger demand for products made from recycled content.

Reducing the Amount of Your Trash
You can reduce your trash by purchasing products with less packaging and making better choices in your daily life.

Recycling Food Scraps
Make compost from your kitchen scraps and yard waste. Reduce your waste while providing nutrients for your plants and garden.

Recycling Hazardous Waste
Keep our soil and water from becoming tainted, recycle hazardous waste. Ensure it doesn't end up in a landfill.

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