Printer Cartridge Recycling:
Cash From Trash

Did I mention that there is more to recycling than just paper, cans, and bottles?

printer-cartridge-recyclingThe widespread availability and relative low price of consumer desktop printers has recently created an onslaught of disposable ink cartridges. Many households have at least one printer to use with their home computer (I have two!). And the printers available now for printing photos and high quality graphics can use up to eight cartridges at a time. Each one eventually runs out of ink and needs to be replaced, leaving you to toss the used cartridge in the trash. What a waste! 

And what about the printers used everyday in all the office buildings across the country. Many of these businesses already have a recycling program in place, but what about the others?

Did you know it takes more than 2 pints of oil to create a new toner cartridge shell? Wow, if you multiply 2 pints of oil times the number of home printers and business printers and all of the ink and toner that they consume...well that's...that's a lot of OIL! And the waste, it takes over 1000 years for the cartridges to decompose in a landfill. 

Luckily, manufacturers also realize the importance of printer cartridge recycling. They developed a method to recycle, refurbish, and reuse the cartridges so that we can avoid sending the empties to our local landfills and allowing us to conserve resources in the manufacturing of new ones. Thank goodness! Several have programs already in place where you can return your empties to be recycled.

I know what you're thinking...

I have to gather the cartridges, package them up, AND pay for the postage to send them back. What a hassle!

Well, don't worry. Several printer cartridge recycling programs are available that mail you the packaging and pay the postage for you to return the empties at no cost to you. Wow, what could be easier than that? It could only be better if they sent me some money too. Guess what! They DO!!!! They actually pay you for your part in printer cartridge recycling. Here is where your fund raising project comes into play. raise-money

You probably don't go through enough empty cartridges to really make much of a dent in the funds needed for your school's new playground or the team's little league uniforms. But, when you get the word out, and all of the students and their parents begin collecting their empty cartridges, you can start to see how the money might start adding up. Think about it...

Bullet Each student in your school brings home a flyer describing this incredible program to their parents
Bullet Parents realize that this is even bigger than "Box Tops" or "Soup Labels" and start saving their empty cartridges. They might even ask their friends and coworkers to help by saving theirs as well
Bullet Students start bringing the cartridges to a drop off container at school and eventually there are enough empties to make the school some serious cash

cash-from-trashThese programs make it incredibly easy to raise the extra money for any group that's trying to save enough for that big trip or those new uniforms, etc. AND it's good for the environment! You can't say that about the candy bars and popcorn that you usually sell (though it isn't as tasty as these options - YUM).

OK, so I've convinced you and you want to learn more about printer cartridge recycling, well I've included the list of printer cartridges that are accepted and their associated values. Don't worry, you don't need to worry about checking all of those empties for the right part numbers. You can simply send them all in and they will credit you for the qualifying items.

List of qualifying printer cartridges

Printer Cartridge Recycling Programs

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