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Helping the environment can be as easy as changing the way you tend to your garden. You only need the right gardening resources. Chemicals found in most insecticides and even fertilizers can harm the environment as well as contaminate your garden. If you are concerned about the fruits and vegetables that you feed your family, then you should be aware of exactly what poisons that they are being exposed to and ingesting. Be safe and use these gardening resources to help you make informed decisions. Organic options grows our gardens the way they were mean to grow., Inc

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Everything for the gardener with a green thumb. Books on garden design, annuals, perennials, bird gardens and more.

Send Eco-elegant flowers

Send Organic Flowers & Gourmet Gifts - from $29.95Organic flowers address the core purpose of organic production: to enrich the Earth. Your support encourages more growers to convert to organic practices and to reduce toxic chemical usage in the world!
Plant a tree as a memorial or a gift for someone special.

Gardening by the Moon BannerGardening by the Moon
Gardening by the Moon is a planting guide that shows you the best days for planting by the phase and sign of the moon. This valuable resource lists seasonal garden activities for each month, and tells you when to plant. This unique product is available in 3 versions to match your growing season and will delight avid gardeners!

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Make the world's ultimate natural fertilizer, colloidal humus, without bins, turning or odor.

Plow and Hearth

Ideal Bite gives bite-sized ideas for healthy, light green living.

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