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Crayon Recycling

If your home is like mine, you have crayons in just about every nook and cranny available. Most of them are broken or stubs, but they still color. I just can't bring myself to throw them out. But what am I supposed to do with them?

A company called LAF Lines, Ltd. has a solution. You can send your unwanted crayons to them and they will melt them down and create new crayons from the old bits and call them Crazy Crayons. You can send your unwanted crayons for crayon recycling to:

Crayon Recycling Program
LAF Lines Ltd.

721 Village Road
Pelican Lake, WI 54463

This is a great idea for schools and daycares! When you're ready to ship the crayons to LAF Lines, Ltd. for crayon recycling, please consider the following to keep your shipping costs down:

Bullet Use sturdy boxes that closely fit the amount of contents (to avoid crushing and breakage of box).
Bullet A large box is less expensive to ship than several small boxes (do not exceed the 70 pound limit per box).
Bullet Small packages (less than 5 pounds) may cost less shipping via the U.S. Mail.
Bullet If using UPS basic ground service, call UPS @ 1-800-742-5877 to let them know that you're shipping to a business (for lower rates).

Crayon Prep

Bullet You don't have to do anything to the crayons! Just collect, box, and ship them as they are.
Bullet Please LEAVE THE WRAPPERS ON THE CRAYONS! It makes each much easier to sort and makes it easier for you to send them! Thank you!

Crayon Recycling Logo
For more information, on the crayon recycling program, please visit...

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